SmartClean cleans with microfiber cloths like you see here, offering several great benefits to businesses like yours.

At SmartClean®, we redefine the standards of commercial cleaning services by prioritizing environmental friendliness and cost-effective solutions. One standout example is our choice to exclusively use microfiber rags instead of traditional paper towels. Let’s delve into how this decision directly benefits you, our valued customer:

1. Cost-Effective Solutions for You: While a roll of paper towels may seem like an economical choice, the ongoing expense of replenishing supplies can add up. By opting for microfiber cloths, we ensure not only superior cleaning performance but also long-term cost savings for you. Our commitment to using cost-effective materials reflects our dedication to providing value to our customers.

2. Environmental Friendliness for a Cleaner Future: Our choice of microfiber cloths isn’t just about cost savings; it’s a commitment to sustainability. These cloths are washable and reusable, minimizing waste and contributing to a cleaner environment. By partnering with SmartClean®, you actively participate in our eco-friendly practices, making a positive impact on the planet.

3. Enhanced Cleaning Performance for Your Space: Microfiber cloths aren’t just an environmentally friendly choice; they outperform traditional paper towels in cleaning effectiveness. You can expect superior results with our microfiber cleaning approach. Say goodbye to streaks on glass surfaces and residues on countertops. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our choice of cleaning materials reflects that commitment.

4. Healthier and Happier Living Spaces: Beyond the environmental and cost benefits, our emphasis on microfiber is also rooted in considerations for your well-being. The quick drying time of microfiber cloths means less moisture is left behind, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. Your living or working space not only looks cleaner but is healthier too.

By choosing SmartClean®, you’re not just opting for a cleaning service; you’re investing in a partnership that prioritizes your satisfaction, cost savings, and environmental responsibility. Experience the SmartClean® difference — where excellence meets eco-consciousness.

At SmartClean®, our dedication to sustainability is further evident through our CIMS-GB certification. This certification reflects our continuous efforts in refining our cleaning processes, training programs, and overall operations. Microfiber usage is just one aspect of our commitment to green building practices. We also employ equipment with HEPA filters and low energy consumption, contributing to our environmentally conscious approach.

Contact us today to learn how we can employ our cleaning methods to make your business a safe, clean, and environmentally friendly place to be!