SmartClean Iowa Cleaning & Maintenance

We get this question about our green cleaning services a lot. What’s so different about SmartClean®? I just need a simple janitorial cleaning services to get the job done.

Besides some of our reasons why, we will start with this. Did you know that a study from Harvard University came out stating that millennials in the workplace care more about working for an environmentally conscious company than ever before? Here’s how SmartClean can help your office get going in the right direction.

  • We are certified by ISSA to meet all the requirements for the Cleaning Industry Management Standard- Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification. This is not just a piece of paper saying we are a green cleaning company. It’s so much more than that. CIMS-GB is used in SmartClean’s® daily operations. From how we manage employees to policies and procedures and the EPA certified chemicals we use.
    • We are so passionate about the environment and the future, we have dedicated ourselves to being green in every building we work with, not just LEED-certified buildings.
    • So what? We are giving you all of this valuable information because whether you are the owner of an office building with tenants or you run the warehouse, you will have an employee ask what you’re doing to help the environment and be sustainable. Lucky for you, SmartClean® can help make your transition to green cleaning easier.

  • Not only do we care about the environment, we care about how we run our operations. Our cleaning crew is the backbone of our company, so we need to keep them safe and free from injury. Not only are our chemicals safe for your building, they are safe for our employees to use each day without causing any respiratory issues. We also use the most ergonomic and high tech equipment to keep them safe.

All in all, it is your choice who you choose to clean your premises. But remember that SmartClean® provides an easy transition when switching to our services, we are environmentally conscious, and we go above and beyond with all of the cleaning services we provide. Contact us today to learn more about our services.