SmartClean® Names Sasha Francic President

SmartClean® Names Sasha Francic President

Zelko Francic steps down as president, paves way for son as head of Des Moines metro commercial cleaning company

Sasha Francic
President, SmartClean®

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA – April 1, 2021
– SmartClean® President Zelko Francic announced he will be stepping down as President effective immediately, passing the torch to his son. Zelko Francic will remain owner of SmartClean®.

His son, Sasha Francic, will become the second-generation leader of the family business, which started in 2007. Alongside his father, Sasha Francic has been working in the business as the Vice President of Operations to President. He has been successful in cultivating new relationships within SmartClean’s service area and growing the business.


Of his son’s transition to president of the company, SmartClean® owner Zelko Francic said, “Sasha has shadowed all aspects of this company; and he has successfully learned the ins and outs of this business. He has shown a passion and love for this company that is hard to teach. He has an impeccable work ethic and strives to be the best partner he can be for our clients. I am excited for the fresh new look of SmartClean®.”

For more information on SmartClean®, visit and find SmartClean® on Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

About SmartClean®
SmartClean® is a West Des Moines, Iowa, cleaning and maintenance company that specializes in environmentally safe, green-cleaning solutions for your commercial, industrial or medical space in Central Iowa. SmartClean® is the only cleaning company in Iowa to achieve 100% CIMS Green Building Certification. For more information on SmartClean®, please visit:


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Four Things You Should Ask Your Cleaning Company in 2021

As we are all pioneering our way through 2021, the importance of cleaning for health is amplified; businesses are pressured for microscopic evaluation on how they are going to continue to support their employee’s safety throughout this pandemic. So – what else can we ask of our cleaning companies that we may not have thought to ask before?

1) How are you supporting my emergency needs?
a. At some point, (if you are not already there) most of us will return to our commercial, industrial, and medical workspaces to resume work in a safe environment post COVID-19 era. While the work is familiar, the environment may take some refamiliarizing. “My employee forgot how to use the printer, now I have an ink stain all over my carpet.” “Another employee forgot how out to empty the coffee machine and now I have coffee stains all over my break room.” “Our toilets have overflowed – we have a sewage problem. Help!” In all reality, emergencies can and will happen. Ask your company what their response time is; and is there a set plan in place if you call. Find a cleaning company who can respond to your emergency needs in two hours or less – this way you can breathe easier when the unexpected happens.

2) Will the same cleaner or cleaners continually maintain my facility?
a. This is an important one. Knowing who will be in your building and trusting that it will stay consistent is key to the health and cleanliness of your environment. Do you know who is in your building? Ask for names and badges. Perhaps you already know John Doe who cleans your building and see them every day. However, what happens when the crew falls sick or has time off? There should always be a contingency plan; an additional pool of floaters who are familiar with your building and an expert in cleaning practices, so you are covered regardless of sick days. In general, there should not be a continual stream of new faces. Quality companies hire and retain good people.

3) How do you service accounts with a business or industry like mine?
a. You have met with a cleaning company you like and the company seems like they have the employees and procedures to efficiently service your building. Now what? Ask for details; step by step processes of how they are going to service your building. How will you clean this space? What equipment will you bring in to make you efficient? Are you cleaning my competitor? Ask for references of similar spaces; whether it is industry or size, there should be a clear indication of what has been done prior. If you are looking for warehouse cleaning, you do not want a janitorial service who has never working in an industrial facility before. Rather, seek out those with similar experiences.

4) Are you CIMS certified?
a. Asking a prospective cleaning company what certifications they hold is not asked often enough. CIMS certification (Certified Industry Management Standard) ensures that a prospective commercial janitorial service has a proven track record of following industry best practices. An added bonus – they CIMS-GB certified. Green Building is an additional certification ensuring the company is using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients. For example, ask what decibel their equipment runs at – most should not rise above 70 decibels, which is the highest sound level that a human ear can tolerate without feeling discomfort. In other words, you will not cringe or feel annoyance while listening to our equipment. Do not be afraid to dive into the specifics on how they’re keeping your employees safe (more than just using disinfectant) and what procedures they’re implemented to also be friendly to our environment.

Commercial, industrial, and medical cleaning is a partnership. We urge you not to just get by – let’s hang out.

Iowa’s Top Rated Local® Janitorial Companies Award Winner: SmartClean®

Iowa’s Top Rated Local® Janitorial Companies Award Winner: SmartClean®

Top Rated Local® is pleased to announce that SmartClean® is the number one janitorial company in all of Iowa for 2019!


Make a great first impression on every client or customer who walks through the door with the help of SmartClean®.

SmartClean® has received dozens of reviews on multiple verified sites with an average rating of 4.90 stars, earning them a spectacular Rating Score™ of 93.05 and a 2019 Top Rated Local award for being ranked the number one janitorial company in all of Iowa!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“Attention to detail, quality products and a great team are just a few things that describe SmartClean®. Zeljko, Sasha and the rest of their team do a great job of making sure our cleaning needs are well taken care of.”Catum W.


Not Your Average Janitorial Company

Zelko & Sasha Francic- Smartclean™ Cleaning & Maintenance - IowaWe wanted to know what makes Iowa’s number one janitorial company so special, so we took a few minutes to talk with Account Manager, Sasha Francic.

The first question we had for Sasha was what makes SmartClean® unique compared to their competition in Iowa. Here’s what he had to say:

“[With us,] you are going to have someone 24/7 who you can call and get information from. We are the only 100-percent certified company with CIMSGB, and we take pride in that.”

Sasha went on to tell us a little bit about why SmartClean® was founded:

“We saw a niche, and there were certain companies that dominated this field. There was room to start a business, and we started with residential but had commercial in mind, and it’s what we focus on now.”


Building Success Through Quality Work and a Dedication to Customers

When we asked Sasha what their secret is to such a strong online reputation at SmartClean®,  he said:

“We moved to this country in 1994 and understood what it took to start a business. This is not just a job; it is our life, and it shows in the quality of our work and our dedication to our customers.”

Apart from building the kind of online reputation any business would envy, SmartClean® has spread the word about their service by doing lunch and learns with property management companies, social media and a great organic presence, which is a result of their focus on SEO (search engine optimization).

Every business owner wants to grow their business and build their online reputation the way SmartClean® has. Here’s Sasha’s advice for them:

“Have an open-door policy. If you are not just in it for the money but want to provide for your family and the families of your employees, you will be in a position to be successful.”

Congratulations to the team at SmartClean® for being a 2019 Top Rated Local award winner, and thank you so much, Sasha, for taking the time to speak with us!

We highly recommend SmartClean® in Des Moines.