We get asked quite frequently “How often should I clean my office building?” and the answer is not very simple. There is no right or wrong answer to this question but rather a lot of factors to consider when setting a cleaning schedule. This cleaning checklist will help you in creating the right cleaning schedule for your office.

office cleaning

Important things to consider include:

  • Building size
  • Number of employees
  • The current season (flu season might require more sanitizing!)
  • Do you have customers visit your location?
  • Do you have carpet or hard surface flooring? Features of your office are key

Deep Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves tools like our Clorox® Total 360® System. The Clorox® Total 360® System works by using electrostatic technology to charge Clorox® disinfecting and sanitizing solutions to deep clean and sanitize your office.

READ: CDC Guidelines on Cleaning Your Facility 

If you read the article above you’ll notice they recommend sanitizing and disinfecting frequently. We’ve created a cleaning maintenance checklist that you can download and print. We recommend this list be completed at least weekly. We know you’re busy and we can help you with all your office cleaning needs. We offer free quotes and provide a facility audit to help you find a cleaning schedule that meets your needs. Let us help with the deep cleaning and the maintenance cleaning to keep your office safe for your team and always clean for your clients.

To request your free quote click here. Open the checklist below and feel free to download a copy!