SmartClean® = Green Clean

As one of the most respected commercial cleaning companies in the Des Moines, Iowa metro area, SmartClean® strives to provide a healthy and eco-friendly business environment for your customers and employees.

Since 2007, SmartClean® has had the privilege of offering janitorial cleaning services to a variety of businesses and commercial property owners in the Central Iowa metro area. Whether you have office, warehouse or industrial space, SmartClean® is your professional Green Cleaning solution provider.

SmartClean® offers expert commercial cleaning services to:

green cleaning system in Iowa

Prior to starting any work, SmartClean® conducts a Facility Audit. This audit consists of a comprehensive checklist of items ranging from chemical management to cleaning process standardization and training. SmartClean’s® thorough Facility Audit Program is just one of the reasons so many Iowa companies have come to depend on SmartClean® for their cleaning needs.

In an era of continuous evolution in products and technologies, SmartClean® distinguishes itself with a unique and personalized touch. Beyond cutting-edge tools and methodologies, it is our commitment to personalized service that truly sets us apart from the competition. SmartClean’s® emphasis on individualized care and attention ensures that our clients receive not only superior cleaning services, but also a tailored approach that addresses their specific needs and concerns.  SmartClean® stays at the forefront of current technologies, consistently enhancing its practices to ensure a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the cleaning industry while prioritizing personalized service, striking a balance between innovation and individualized attention.

Our steadfast dedication to delivering excellence in service and upholding ethical business practices has positioned SmartClean® as a leader in professional cleaning services. Whether it’s office spaces, medical facilities, or industrial environments, our commitment remains unwavering.  In an industry where reliability is paramount, SmartClean® stands out as a trusted partner for all your cleaning needs.  When service counts, make the smart choice and contact SmartClean® to discover how together we can elevate the standards of cleanliness and personalized care for your space.

Green Cleaning System

SmartClean is CIMS-GB-certifiedSmartClean®​ is proud to offer a Commercial Green Cleaning System to Central Iowa.

We only use products with nationally-recognized and most respected environmental certifications on the market today.

We use highly-filtered, quiet and efficient equipment to entrap fine dust and soil micron particles and remove them completely from your facility – rather than kicking them around into the air or onto other surfaces.

We will design and implement a quality plan specific to your facility to ensure that the cleaning is being done well each night, and that you are only paying for what the facility needs.

We submit ourselves to the industry’s most respected CIMS® GB (Green Building) standards and systems, processes, and service delivery standards.

Get answers to your questions about our Green Clean System and ISSA® CIMS Certified Green Building Standards as well as additional information about common questions about our commercial cleaning and janitorial services on our FAQ page.

To find out more about our Commercial Green Cleaning System in Iowa, contact SmartClean® today! SmartClean® is proud to be CIMS Certified-GB. 

Why is Green Cleaning Superior?

One of the ways SmartClean®​ rises above the competition is by offering a Commercial Green Cleaning Solution to business and commercial properties in the Iowa area.


Traditional Cleaning Practices SmartClean® Cleaning System
  • Toxic cleaning chemicals create a hazardous air environment
  • Clean for appearance only
  • Negative IAQ impact
  • Minimum wage employees – high turnover rate
  • Inconsistent service delivery quality
  • No formal or ongoing training
  • Equally effective, certified safe, eco-friendly detergents
  • Clean for health and appearance
  • Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Employees paid well above minimum wage – much lower turnover than the industry standard
  • Strong history of consistent, high-quality service delivery
  • Substantial initial training and ongoing continuing education for all employees

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