What is a Lunch and Learn?

  • We are starting something new this summer called a Lunch and Learn. A Lunch and Learn is an event where we provide you with lunch and then give you a short presentation over your lunch hour that will inform you about our company and the benefits of working with us. 

Why Host a Lunch and Learn?

  • Why host a Lunch and Learn? Well the first reason is simple – you get free food! There’s not much better than that. We also promise that everything we talk about will be relevant and entertaining, we won’t bore you over your lunch hour. And lastly, you will learn why it is beneficial to use SmartClean® in all of your commercial buildings.

Benefits of a Lunch and Learn

  • Lunch and Learns provide employees with an interesting alternative to a typical lunch break
  • Time is always the issue. Instead of working to set up meetings or squeeze time in to meet with people, a Lunch and Learn is the perfect solution for you. You will have the opportunity to learn more about our company without having to schedule time to meet with us. You also get free lunch, we can’t forget that part.
  • Lunch and Learn programs offer a non-threatening and fun method for extending learning and stimulating the energy and creativity in the workplace

What to Expect?

  • We will provide you with a few different options for lunch, and you get to choose which one sounds best (they will all be good options)! Then, you just have to let us know the time and place and we will show up with the food!

Be a Host

  • If you are interested in hosting a Lunch and Learn event at your workplace – which you should be – all you have to do is call SmartClean® at 515-331-8940.