Why Office Carpet Cleaning is So Important

The thing about carpet is that it can be very dirty without visibly showing it, so it is a common mistake to be under the illusion that your carpet is clean, when in fact, it is not. However, whether it is visible (yet) or not, each day soil and other dirt particles get tracked from outside the building into the carpet from the shoes the employees are wearing. So why is office carpet cleaning so important?

When soil and other dirt particles sink below the surface of the carpet, it will cause the carpet to grind each time there is pressure on it. When the carpet grinds together like this, it starts to wear down a lot quicker than usual. While many businesses think that hiring a cleaning company is expensive, neglecting to hire a cleaning company is really the expensive part. You will need to replace your carpets a lot quicker if you are not regularly cleaning them.

In addition, neglecting to clean your carpets affects the air quality in your office building. Since most, if not all, office buildings don’t open their windows for ventilation, a lot of the same air gets circulated throughout the building. If your carpets are full of dust/dirt/soil, it will then begin to circulate into the air and get inhaled by employees. This is not healthy, and will often times cause the employees to get sick more frequently.

If your office building gets cleaned regularly, the air quality will be much better and your carpets’ lifespan will double. Don’t make the mistake to place cleaning to the side.

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