Why Office Carpet Cleaning is So Important

The tricky thing about carpet is that it can be very dirty without visibly showing any obvious signs.  It is a common mistake to be under the illusion that your carpet is clean, when in fact, it is not. However, whether it is visible (yet) or not, each day soil and other dirt particles get tracked from outside the building into the carpet on the shoes your employees and visitors are wearing.  Dirt and grime can accumulate gradually, making it difficult to notice a significant change in the carpet’s appearance. So why is office carpet cleaning so important?

Prolonging the Longevity of Your Carpets

When soil and other dirt particles sink below the surface of the carpet, it will cause the carpet to grind each time there is pressure on it. When the carpet grinds together like this, the carpet fibers tend to wear down a lot quicker than usual. While many businesses think that hiring a cleaning company is expensive, neglecting to hire a cleaning company is really the expensive part.  Carpets are a significant investment, and proper maintenance can dramatically extend their lifespan. You will need to replace your carpets much more quickly and frequently if you are not regularly cleaning them.

Promoting Employee Health and Well-Being

Neglecting to clean your carpets affects the air quality in your office building. Since most, if not all, office buildings don’t open their windows for ventilation, a lot of the same air gets circulated throughout the building. If your carpets are full of dust/dirt/soil, it will then begin to circulate into the air and get inhaled by employees. This is not healthy, and will often times cause the employees to get sick more frequently.  Regular cleaning removes these contaminants, leading to better indoor air quality and a healthier environment, especially for individuals with allergies.

Combating Weather-Related Wear and Tear

Living in Iowa, we experience a wide range of outdoor conditions that present unique challenges for carpet maintenance and cleaning. High humidity levels, especially in the summer, can create a favorable environment for mold and mildew growth in carpets.  Wet and muddy outdoor conditions in spring and fall can result in the transfer of dirt and contaminants onto carpets. Winter weather can also bring moisture into the office space, either through tracked-in snow and slush or increased humidity levels.  During winter, employees and visitors are also more likely to track in dirt, salt, and other debris from outside. All of these factors contribute to ideal conditions to increase the wear and tear on your carpet.  Regular cleaning helps prevent these issues, protecting your employees’ and visitors’ health and the integrity of the carpet.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of regular carpet maintenance and  cleaning. Clean carpets contribute to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your home, business or workplace, making your space more enjoyable for occupants and visitors.  A comprehensive carpet cleaning routine that includes regular vacuuming, spot cleaning, and professional deep cleaning can help maintain the cleanliness, appearance, and longevity of your carpets while promoting a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

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