SmartClean of Iowa recommended vetting your cleaning firms prior to working in your medical facility.

WEST DES MOINES, IA, January 3, 2022 — As Iowa businesses and organizations reflect on 2021 and the unique health and safety challenges they faced, SmartClean® is encouraging these establishments to reevaluate their commercial cleaning needs in the new year. Sasha Francic, President of SmartClean®, says that understanding what cleaning firms do and how they do it is only part of the consideration when addressing health and safety challenges.

“You have to be able to trust your cleaning company to do the right thing,” Francic said. “Expertise is essential for creating a sanitized environment. They should always be working with you to prevent workplace disruptions and help everyone feel safer.”

To offer the best possible protection for area businesses and organizations, Francic suggests the following questions for reviewing your commercial cleaner’s safety, effectiveness, and trustworthiness:

1. Can they generate a complete scope of work? Reputable cleaning companies will clearly outline their exact services for an agreed-upon price. The more specific their breakdown of services, the more likely you are dealing with a high-quality organization.

2. Can they provide the chemicals’ safety data sheets (SDS) and manufacturer’s recommendations for use? Clients have a right to know what tools their cleaner is working with, what they do, and how effective they can be. It is crucially important for both safety and effectiveness that your vendor fully understands chemical uses and ratios.

3. Do they have any third-party certifications? Certifications from the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and other accredited organizations ensure that a business fully understands the science and safety of top cleaning practices. A lack of certifications is not a deal-breaker – they require additional investment, which can be difficult for a small business – but the backing of industry groups can assure you that a company is exceptional.

4. Do they use contractors or employees to clean? In most cases, employers with full-time staff offer benefits and pay more than firms utilizing contractors. Both structures are common in the industry, but full-time employees are more likely to work for established companies with a higher standard of service.

5. Is the vendor communicating with you? A company that is slow to respond to your calls, texts, and emails may indicate poor management, suggesting there may be problems with performance and follow-through. Professionals will quickly respond to questions and concerns at every stage of your relationship.

Maintaining a safer and healthier environment for staff and clients should be the goal of every business and organization. Working with a professional and accredited cleaning company will offer better results, peace of mind, and fewer distractions in 2022.

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