Medical Cleaning

Medical Cleaning - Smartclean Iowa

SmartClean® has exceeded expectations cleaning medical facilities for over 10 years. Our customized cleaning programs take into consideration areas that are highly-trafficked and in need of everyday professional cleaning.

From medical, dental and specialty clinics, when visiting one of the facilities in SmartClean’s healthcare portfolio; you will find:

• Microfiber cloth for exceptional germ and soil-trapping abilities; our cloths are color coded to prevent cross-contamination
• Hospital-grade disinfectants
• Vacuums with four HEPA filters, allowing us to capture dust, dirt and other particles as small as 0.3 microns keeping them out of the air you breathe
• Prevention and elimination of COVID, bacteria and viruses utilizing our Clorox 360 electrostatic technology.

The health of your staff and patients is crucial to the smooth operation of your medical facility. At SmartClean®, it remains our top priority to clean for both health and appearance. We are also equipped to add-on special services to increase the life-space of your floors, carpet and more.


Let SmartClean® provide a customized-cleaning program for your medical facility.