SmartClean is CIMS-GB-certified

When the term “green cleaning” comes up, it’s often associated with environmentally friendly chemicals. While that’s accurate, the concept extends far beyond that simple definition.

Green cleaning involves employing cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients and procedures, all aimed at preserving both human health and environmental quality. Take, for instance, our equipment, which never exceeds 70 decibels—the highest sound level the human ear can tolerate without discomfort. In simpler terms, using our equipment won’t make you cringe or feel annoyed. Furthermore, our equipment features HEPA filters and can be set on eco-mode, meaning it requires less water supply than usual to get the job done efficiently. These advantages are just a glimpse of what our equipment brings to your company.

SmartClean® proudly stands as Iowa’s sole holder of the CIMS-GB certification, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and green cleaning. While obtaining the CIMS certification alone would have sufficed, we went the extra mile to secure the GB certification, showcasing our unwavering dedication to green cleaning. With the GB certification, our equipment undergoes more frequent checks to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency. The certification also involves extensive training.

We offer our green cleaning services for a multitude of locations:

Beyond the mentioned advantages, using our products results in better air quality and an overall superior cleaning experience. We prioritize the safety and health of both our employees and yours. Once you embrace green cleaning, there’s no turning back!

If delving deeper into our CIMS-GB certification or learning more about our company intrigues you, feel free to contact us via our contact form or give us a call at 515-331-8940. We do offer free quotes to help you get started! Your journey to a greener, cleaner environment starts with SmartClean.