Dry Vapor Steam Clean

SmartClean® uses dry vapor cleaning machines.

As technology has evolved and studies have proven, using a chemical-free, dry steam-vapor system is a very effective method of killing microorganisms, reducing surface-mediated infection risks, and serving as a healthier alternative to chemical disinfectants.

SmartClean® understands how critical it is to provide an environmentally-safe workplace for your customers and employees. Our high-quality, Commercial Dry Vapor Steam Machines:

• Remove allergens
• Eliminate odors
• Destroy mold spores and harmful bacteria
• Eliminate viruses and pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli
• Kill all stages of bed bugs, dust mites and their eggs

This proven scientific process is the single most effective and environmentally-friendly method of sanitizing virtually any surface. Dry vapor steam cleaning machines clean, sanitize and deodorize at the same time while leaving no chemical residue behind.

Find out how SmartClean’s® Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning system can make a big difference in keeping your Iowa office and commercial business healthy.

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SmartClean™ Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning


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