Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
We wanted to provide you with an update on how SmartClean® is handling the COVID-19 outbreak that is not only affecting our community, but people all over the world. We are aware that disinfecting and sanitizing work areas at this time is a top priority. SmartClean® has been working around the clock to ensure customers are aware that we are here to help and provide extra care at this difficult time.

SmartClean’s Approach to COVID-19
According to the CDC, COVID-19 is typically transmitted via person-to-person contact (6 feet or closer), this type of transmission occurs via respiratory droplets. SmartClean® has a variety of ways to mitigate and neutralize these types of scenarios. Our crews are trained that touchpoints and common areas need to be disinfected more frequently and efficiently. Touchpoints include door handles, hand rails, light switches, and elevator buttons; all common areas include breakrooms, restrooms, lobbies, and conference rooms. These are considered high risk areas to come into contact with disease, viruses, and germs. Along with using EPA-proven cleaning chemicals that disinfect and sanitize, SmartClean® also uses an electrostatic spraying machine. These machines work like a disinfectant, reaching areas that crew members will not be able too. These are the necessary precautions to take when dealing with a virus or bacteria that easily spreads.


If Someone Tests Positive At Your Facility
In the case that someone in a facility tests positive for a virus or in this case COVID-19, it is recommended to close off that area according to the CDC. Waiting up to 7 hours before cleaning and disinfecting will help minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. However, our team is equipped with hazmat suits, goggles, masks and gloves and are able to disinfect in a shorter timeframe for emergency situations.


We Are Here To Help
SmartClean® is fully prepared to send in a team to an infected area where someone has tested positive for COVID-19. SmartClean® crew members have the training and all of the protective gear for these types of situations. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and we are happy to address and help in any way possible.


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