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Green Cleaning Is More Than Just Chemicals

When you think of green cleaning, what comes to mind? For most people, a common is response, "environmentally friendly chemicals?" While this is true, green cleaning is so much more than that. Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with...

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Host a Lunch and Learn

What is a Lunch and Learn? We are starting something new this summer called a Lunch and Learn. A Lunch and Learn is an event where we provide you with lunch and then give you a short presentation over your lunch hour that will inform you about our company and the...

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Welcome to our SmartClean® Blog!

As you may have noticed, SmartClean® just launched a new website thanks to Mary Shetler of MBS Communications. We are proud of what our new site has to offer and cannot wait to share it with you. Our site will help you learn more about SmartClean, get answers to any...

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